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Peening Consultants set up their offices in 2002. The company saw potential in educating businesses and entrepreneurs about the shot peening service. This is why they have decided to take it upon themselves to learn more about it. 

After exhausting everything they need to know, they realized that the market needs to be aware of how to properly do shot peening and how to use the equipment properly and effectively. Because of this, they have decided to conduct various training programs for companies who want to add this service to their business. They offer training to employees and at the same time, provide certification too. Moreover, they also help companies set up the equipment in their facilities. 

Peening Consultants want the shot peening industry to further its advancement which is why aside from providing training and helping out in the equipment setup, they also offer shot peening service to companies who cannot afford to purchase the equipment. They have their own facility that they use to do a surface residual compressive stresses on treated metal parts.

If you want to know more about the shot peening service and assess whether adding this service will be beneficial to your company, you can send an email to Peening Consultants at You can also visit their offices at Darlington if you want to have a face-to-face discussion with one of their experts. Peening Consultants guarantee that they can provide all the data you will need to include this service in your process.